Scandinavian Style Graphic Design Tips and Inspiration

Scandinavian design is a popular style of design in both graphic design and interior design. Originating from the Nordic countries in the 1950's as a way to create great design with lovely aesthetics, functional, and available to the masses. It's prominent features are minimalism and the natural beauty of the elements. In this short post we will focus on graphic design.

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scandinavian style graphic design tips

Create your own Scandinavian inspired projects

Whether you are creating greeting cards for a Scandinavian style inspired Christmas, making digital wallpapers for your tech devices or working on a client project… here are some tips for your graphic design projects…

Try to simply express the essence of the message with your design and cut out the distractions. Think about including...

5 Best Scandinavian Inspired Color Palettes

Scandinavian color palettes usually feature tones inspired by the nordic environment… creamy shades, cool grays, sky blues and sometimes a pop of color.

Here's our 5 favorite Scandinavian inspired color palettes. Add it your next project. If you're looking for more inspiration or resources check out our post: Scandinavian Style Graphic Design Tips and Inspiration

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Scandinavian color palettes

Scandinavian inspired color palette 1

Scandinavian inspired color palette 2

Scandinavian inspired color palette 3

Scandinavian inspired color palette 4

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5 Best Fonts for Halloween

5 best fonts for halloween

Searching for a Halloween font can be like wandering around a pumpkin patch trying to find that perfect pumpkin! For this week's roundup, we waded through the plethora of fonts out there to find you 5 favorites to add a little spookiness to your project. If your making a Halloween place card, gift tags, flyers, posters or just want to have one of the most wicked Halloween party invites in town… check out these fonts listed below.

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5 of our favorite halloween fonts.