Mandala color along copic markers

Copic Marker Mandala Color Along in 3 Colors

These days I enjoy coloring mandala coloring pages for relaxation. When I’m working on illustrations I sometimes like to challenge myself to color with a limited color palette. So I decided to try coloring one of my mandala coloring pages using only 3 colors:
Light brown (Copic ciao #E33 sand)
Dark brown (Copic ciao #E37 sepia)
Black (Pentel brush pen)

If you would like to color along, you can use these same colors or choose your own 3 color palette with whatever markers you have.

This mandala is from my first Mandalas Coloring book: 30 Creative and Calming Mandala Designs. The individual coloring page for Mandala #25 is also available in our shop.

I printed it on a cream colored standard 67lb. card stock available from office supply stores. I suggest placing a couple extra blank pages beneath the page you are coloring since the markers bleed through. Alternatively, Strathmore makes an artist paper specifically for markers, though I haven’t tested that paper myself.

Color along with me through the video or follow the photos below. Grab your pens and let’s get started.

Step 1 Marker Color: Sand

First let’s start with the light brown color. I like to color mandalas from the center out when I’m using markers, there’s less chance of getting ink all over my hand or smearing the coloring page.

Tip: You can also use a scrap piece of paper under your hand to prevent getting ink on your hand.

color mandala light brown

Step 2 Marker Color: Sepia

Next let’s move onto the dark brown color – sepia.

color mandala dark brown

Step 3 Marker Color: Black

Now time for the black brush pen.

color along mandala

Step 4 Final Touches

Finally, let’s fill in some of the remaining smaller more detailed shapes, switching between all 3 colors.

color mandala details

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed coloring this mandala in a limited color palette and it gave you some new ideas or inspiration to challenge yourself with a simple palette.

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