heart mandala colored pencil tutorial

Heart Mandala Color Along Colored Pencil Tutorial

This heart mandala color along is a free sample from the Mandalas 2 coloring book. The free sample coloring page is available for download in our shop.

For this color along I used Indra creative pastel colored pencils. They don’t list specific color names or numbers on their pencils, so for my own use, I numbered the set from 1 to 36 with a little washi tape around the end of the pencil.

I made a color by numbers chart below to make it easier for you to follow along. You can use these colors or create your own palette. You can also see a speed coloring video time-lapse of this mandala at the end of this blog post.

Since there’s no color names or numbers on these colored pencils, I’ll describe the colors…
1 lavender purple
2 violet purple
3 light pink
4 dark pink
5 orange
6 peach orange
You can try to match the colors to whatever brand pencils you have.

Color by numbers heart mandala

Although there are specific artist papers for colored pencils, this time I printed this heart mandala on standard ink jet printer paper, since most people have access to regular printer paper. Also the way these pencils lay down color on the paper creates a nice texture, which will become part of the overall look of the finished coloring page.

Below the video are the general steps along with a few notes on my coloring process.

Grab your coloring supplies, your favorite beverage and let’s get started…

Step 1 – Starting from the center

First I lay down a very light foundation of color over the area. Then I come back and add shadows. This second pass, I press down the pencil harder. I build up the colors through layers, if one starts coloring by pressing hard and creating a thick layer, it can be difficult to add more colors on top of that. So start with a light hand and blend as you go.

Tip: When using colored pencils layer the colors light handedly, working from light shades to dark.

Step 2 – Moving to the middle ring of hearts

Step 3 – Coloring open spaces

Large open spaces can show streaks depending on how one colors. So here use a very light hand to gently lay down the color. I tend to color in kind of a circular oblong motion. After you’ve got a light foundation layer, then come back and build up the shadows with additional layers of color.

Step 4 – Finish coloring the outer ring

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this sample coloring page and the color along tutorial.

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