5 Hottest Christmas Gifts for Artists

hottest christmas gifts 2022

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A short and sweet Holiday Gift Guide for Artists

Here is our choice for the 5 hottest Christmas gifts for artists. While each artist has their own tools they use specific to the kind of art they create, we are highlighting general art tools that most artists can use regardless of their speciality.

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Hottest Christmas Gifts 2022

Moleskine Sketchbook - Black, , Large, 8-1/4
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens - Set of 8, Black, Assorted Sizes

Hottest Christmas Gifts 2022 for Artists

  • Moleskine Art Sketchbook – These are really nice sketchbooks! A great way to get those ideas out of your head and onto paper. They come in a variety of sizes, support a variety of media, and can stand up to eraser use. An especially nice treat for artists who keep travel journals.
  • Sakura pigma micron pens – 8 pack or 10 pack, black ink, various tip sizes. – These are a perfect match with the moleskine sketchbook above. With tips sizes from micron 003 – 12 there’s good variation for an artist to express their inking skills.
  • The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron – A classic book that is a great way to keep ones creativity flowing.
  • iPad (10th Generation) with 256mb – For artists who work digitally or want to start creating art digitally, this model is a good start. (There is also the more expensive iPad pro too.) Both iPads can run drawing apps like Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, and also Procreate.
  • iPad Pencil (goes with the iPad) – Being able to draw directly on the iPad screen is a joy. Be sure to get the pencil that works with whatever model iPad you choose.
  • Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud – This is for the serious student or professional artist, it has all the digital tools for an artist to express their creativity. Fresco and Photoshop for digitally drawing, and painting. Premiere Pro to make videos. Adobe Express for sharing ones artwork on social media and access to Behance for sharing ones portfolio. It makes the life of a working artist soo much easier!

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