Mandala 10 from Mandalas 2 coloring book

Mandala 10 Video Tombow Twintone markers – Mandalas 2 Coloring Book

Color along with me as I color my way through the Mandalas 2 coloring book. Mandala 10 color along video and notes below. I will be coloring this mandala with Tombow twintone markers.

See all the coloring tutorials in the Mandalas 2 Video Gallery

Choose your own color palette or use the same as in the video. If you’d like to share your colored page with us, post it on Pinterest and message us @porterfig. We’d love to see it!

Video coloring with Tombow Twintone Markers

In the video I’m coloring from the paperback coloring book available from Use a piece of thick scrap paper underneath the picture your are coloring to protect the design beneath.

Coloring book: Mandalas 2 – 30 Stress Relieving Mandala Designs (Mandala #10 is on page 27 in the paperback version | On page 12 of the printable PDF version.)

Tombow Twintone Dual Tip Markers, Paster Set colors: mint green PK-86, aqua PK-74, princess pink PK-60, raspberry PK-81, chrome yellow PK-04

Time-lapse Video

Mandalas 2 Coloring Book – Download, Print & Color

Paperback coloring book available on Amazon

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