Mandala 29 video tutorial

Mandala 29 Video – Mandalas 2 Coloring Book

For the mandala 29 coloring page I’m using art markers for the large open areas of the mandala and colored pencils in the smaller detailed areas. The Prismacolor art markers will bleed through the page so make sure to use scrap paper under the page to protect the design beneath it.

Choose your own color palette or use the same as in the video. If you’d like to share your colored page with us, post it on Pinterest and message us @porterfig. We’d love to see it!

Easy Mandala Art Coloring Notes – Mandala 29

In the video I’m coloring from our Mandalas 2 paperback coloring book available from

Coloring book: Mandalas 2 – 30 Stress Relieving Mandala Designs (Mandala #29 is on page 65 in the paperback version | On page 31 of the digital PDF version.)

Prismacolor premier colored pencil colors: Sunburst yellow PC917, Orange PC918, Parma violet PC1008, Aquamarine PC905, Apple green PC912.

Prismacolor premier art markers, pastel set colors: Light Cerulean blue PM-48 & Violet mist PM-60.

The Prismacolor mixed media art kit has both the colored pencils and markers used in this tutorial. The set might be available from art stores. Also, you can also try to match the colors to whatever brand pencils & markers you have.

Let’s start coloring! Step 1

With the light cerulean blue marker start on the outer design around the center. Then I switch to the sunburst yellow pencil and lightly color the center and the petal looking parts of the design. Then add in some shadows with the orange pencil blending into the yellow. Next is a light layer of violet. Go back over the purple pressing harder to create shadows around the edges. Then do the same with aquamarine. Finally a light layer of apple green followed by a second layer of green, pressing more as you color in the shadows. This completes the inner ring of the mandala.

Step 2

Next color the large areas of the second ring of the mandala with the violet marker. Then use the cerulean blue marker for the areas shown in the video. Next lay down a light layer of sunburst yellow pencil, add a little pressure toward the bottom of the design as shown in the video. We’re going to do a yellow to orange color blend. Now add a layer of orange blending it into the yellow layer. Then with the apple green pencil do light layer of color followed by a darker layer in the corners. Do the same with the aquamarine pencil. Then repeat the previous step with the violet pencil and again with the orange pencil. Finally color a layer of yellow then add a light touch of orange, blending into the yellow.

That’s it! Congratulations on completing the design.

In conclusion, this easy mandala art coloring video tutorial offers an opportunity to enhance your colored pencils skills through using blending, shadows, and highlighting coloring techniques. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can unlock your creativity and create stunning mandala art. Don’t miss out on more tutorial videos – subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay updated with our latest content. Also, make sure to share our tutorials on with your coloring friends who might enjoy video tutorials like this one. Happy coloring!

Mandala 29 Time-lapse Video

Mandalas 2 Coloring Book – Download, Print & Color

Paperback coloring book available on Amazon

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