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Bright Mandala 4 Video – Mandalas 2 Coloring Book

Mandala 4 color with me notes. For this mandala we will use several different brands of colored pencils. If you don’t have these, no worries, use what you have on hand and you can try to match the colors as close to the colors I’ve listed on this post.

Mandala 4 Coloring Tutorial Notes

In the video I’m coloring from the Mandalas 2 paperback coloring book available from Use a piece of thick scrap paper underneath the picture your are coloring to protect the design beneath.

Coloring book: Mandalas 2 – 30 Stress Relieving Mandala Designs (Mandala #4 is on page 19 in the paperback version)

Colored pencils
Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencils – Light green #171, green yellow #168, dark phtalo green #264, cadmium yellow #107, dark orange #115, and white.

Arteza premium colored pencils – Amethyst, and plum purple

Prismacolor premier colored pencils – Process Red

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Let’s start coloring Mandala 4!
Step 1

Starting in the center of mandala 4 with Prismacolor process red colored pencil, lay down a light layer of color. Moving to the larger petal shapes outline the outer part of the shape. Switch to Faber Castell cadmium yellow add a light base layer, then add a second layer of yellow at the base of the shape to darken the yellow. Switch to the white pencil and add a highlight over the tips of the petals that were just colored yellow.

Repeat the same procedure with process red and white pencils on the larger petals that were outlined earlier.

Step 2

Using the green yellow pencil color the tiny center petals. Then move out to the outer triangular shapes around the mandala. Then with Arteza plum purple pencil add a light layer to the larger petals. Highlight it with a light layer of process red pencil, then add shadows using the process red. Color to blend and smooth out the layers of the purple plum and process red colors.

Step 3

Next we will work on the outer shapes of the mandala. Using the Amethyst purple pencils color in the triangular shapes. Start with a light layer of Amethyst the in the corners add another layer as the shadow. You can also use the white pencil as a highlight if you want. Blend the Amethyst purple so the triangles are shaded from light to dark. If you need to slow down or stop the video to see what I’m describing. Switch to yellow coloring the triangles above the Amethyst purple we just finished coloring.

Step 4

With cadmium yellow pencil add a light layer on the oblong shape with a line down the center. Follow it up with the orange pencil to add a shadow at the bottom of the oblong shape near the process red petals. Next on the larger oblong shapes color a light layer of yellow followed by light green at the base as the shadow. Follow this with another layer of green shadow using the green yellow pencil. Color the remaining triangular shapes with the dark pthalo green pencil.

Almost finished!… Finally on the outer tips of the mandala add a layer of cadmium yellow as the mid-tone and then orange as the darker shadow, blending the colors from dark to light.


In conclusion, this mandala coloring tutorial offers a great opportunity to enhance your coloring skills using blending, shadows, and highlighting techniques with colored pencils. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can unlock your creativity and create stunning mandala designs. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorial videos and follow our social media accounts for additional inspiration. Happy coloring!

Time-lapse Video

Mandalas 2 coloring book by porter fig

Paperback coloring book available on Amazon

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