Mandala #6 Coloring tutorial video - from Mandalas 2 coloring book

Mandala 6 Video Tutorial – Mandalas 2 Coloring Book

Mandala 6 color along video and notes are below. This is a longer color along since there are multiple layers of color, but it will give you a chance to practice your blending, shadows and highlight coloring skills.

Choose your own color palette or use the same as in the video. If you’d like to share your colored page with us, post it on Pinterest and message us @porterfig. We’d love to see it!

Color Along Video Notes – Mandala 6

In the video I’m coloring from the Mandalas 2 paperback coloring book available from I suggest using a piece of thick scrap paper underneath the picture your are coloring to protect the design beneath.

Coloring book: Mandalas 2 – 30 Stress Relieving Mandala Designs (Mandala #6 is on page 19 in the paperback version | On page 8 of the digital PDF version.)

Arteza colored pencil colors: Teal, Mykonos blue, Ultramarine blue, Amethyst purple, Lilac, White.

You can also try to match the colors to whatever brand pencils you have.

Let’s start coloring! Step 1

Since there are soo many layers in this design, it might be helpful to watch the time lapse video (below) first to see an overview, then start on the color along video. This design will probably take a couple hours to complete.

Start in the center with a light handed touch of teal and continue to add layers of teal until the center is the level of color you prefer. Then moving outwards to the 2nd ring of the mandala, color the seed-like shapes with teal and a touch of mykonos blue. Start with a light handed touch, then go over again pressing a little harder on the corners of the shape to create a shadow with a highlight in the middle. Use white for the highlight and to blend the blue colors together.

Step 2

The outer shape of the 2nd mandala ring is a mix of ultramarine blue, amethyst purple with a touch of lilac as the highlight color. First lightly lay down the ultramarine followed by amethyst, don’t color too much into the center where the lilac will go. Slow down or stop the video if that helps. Finally use the lilac to lightly blend all the colors together.

Step 3

On the 3rd and outer ring of the mandala lay down a light wash of amythest purple and press a little harder in the corners as shown in the video. Then fill in with lilac, again leaving an area for the highlight. On the outermost ring of the mandala add a light layer of ultramarine, followed by Mykonos blue. Continue switching between colors to add layers and blend in the colors until you have the shadows and highlights completed. That’s it!

Congratulations if you colored all the way through the video!

In conclusion, this mandala coloring tutorial offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your blending, shadows, and highlight coloring skills with colored pencils. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can unlock your creativity and create stunning mandalas. Don’t miss out on more tutorial videos – subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay updated with our latest content. Also, make sure to follow our social media accounts for more coloring page inspiration. Happy coloring!

Time-lapse Video

Mandalas 2 Coloring Book – Download, Print & Color

Paperback coloring book available on Amazon

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mandala #6 colored pencil coloring tutorial

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