Gray Line Mandalas Printable Coloring Book


This book is good for colorists who color with markers and gel pens, although you can you whatever medium you prefer.

This book is not a full grayscale coloring book, but was purposely made with light gray line art instead of black. The idea behind this is so you can color over the mandala lines in gel pen, glitter pen, or a white pen.

This printable coloring book features 10 gray line art mandala variations from our mandalas 1 paperback coloring book.

TIP: Make sure your printer has fresh ink otherwise the pages might print out too light.

  • Number of coloring pages: 10
  • Page size: 11 x 8.5 inches, Landscape format
  • Watermark & pencils are only on the web image and not the actual pdf file.
  • License: For personal non-commercial use.

Can’t wait to see your coloring creations!

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